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Independent asset managers are going through a period of great change characterised by complex processes and increasingly demanding regulatory requirements. Client advisors in banks are also being called upon to take on new tasks apart from / over and above client service.

These challenges open up new opportunities.

Relationship Managers
Are you a client advisor looking for independence?

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Independent Asset Managers
Are you an independent asset manager looking for solutions to best serve your clients?

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Relationship Managers

Our doors are not only open to your customers. But also to you.

For more than 30 years we have maintained partnerships with major custodian banks.

Our management team supports advisors in a customised manner with standard and dedicated management lines.

Our management model allows us to build portfolios and investment solutions that meet the client’s needs.

We offer an entrepreneurial compensation model.

Independent asset managers

Our expertise and local partnerships enable us to respond promptly to the needs of an increasingly complex and demanding profession.

We have the size and stability to meet future challenges.

As a member of the Swiss Alliance of Asset Managers, we actively promote the interests of independent asset managers.

With our in-house expertise, we take care of the entire administration, compliance with regulatory requirements and risk management.

We complement our services with advice from external professionals specialising in tax, commercial, corporate, administrative and inheritance law.