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Crossinvest Locarno SA’s offering focuses on wealth management. In order to guarantee comprehensive and quality financial advice, the company also offers family office and mortgage management services as well as external partnerships with trusted professionals.

Asset management
Crossinvest Locarno SA manages the client’s assets by developing for him the strategy that best suits his needs, horizons and ability to understand risks. The client can either entrust the implementation of the strategy to the company or participate in the decisions on an ongoing basis.

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Family Office
In addition to wealth management, Crossinvest Locarno SA coordinates and plans the efficient allocation of the assets of private individuals and companies, such as real estate, company holdings, bank deposits, insurance policies, art and collectibles.

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Mortgage management
Crossinvest Locarno SA carries out an analysis of the credit institutions able to provide the best service for each financing requirement.

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External partnerships
Thanks to its many established and trusted partnerships, Crossinvest Locarno SA offers its clients the advice of external professionals specialised in various branches of law as well as in the fields of numismatics, art, and procedures relating to yachts and boats.

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Crossinvest Locarno SA shares its wealth management activities with Crossinvest. Moreover, thanks to its integrated organisation, it uses Crossinvest’s architecture to achieve an organisational level of excellence.

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Private Asset Management

Institutional Asset Management

Research and Analysis

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Risk Management

IT and Logistics


Wealth Planning


Asset management

The asset management business is designed to support and accompany the client in achieving his or her investment objectives. Crossinvest Locarno SA develops the most suitable strategy for its clients, paying particular attention to their risk profile and personal situation. The strategy can be implemented through a discretionary management mandate or through an advisory mandate.

Discretionary management mandate
By choosing this option, the client entrusts the implementation of the investment strategy agreed with his advisor to the asset management team, who undertake to manage his account /his portfolio / his assets according to his risk/return profile and any special requirements.

Advisory mandate
By choosing the advisory option, the client is constantly involved in the selection of investments for his portfolio. His decisions will always be proactively supported by his financial advisor.

Asset Management for private clients


Institutional clients

Family Office

In addition to asset management, Crossinvest Locarno SA provides family office services aimed entirely at optimising the allocation of family assets, whether these be bank deposits, real estate, company shareholdings, insurance policies, art or collectibles.

Asset Allocation (private and corporate)

Cash Management

Mortgage management

Crossinvest Locarno SA assists the client in preparing the mortgage dossier for the financing of any property. Thanks to its privileged contacts, the company supports the client in the search for the most suitable financing bank and follows the client throughout the duration of the mortgage.

Analysis and research of the best financial institutions

Active management of the mortgage relationship over the years

External partnerships

Supported by external professionals, the company offers advice on law and investment assets. These trusted partnerships complement the offerings of Crossinvest Locarno SA.

Tax Law

Commercial Law

Corporate Law

Administrative Law

Inheritance Law


Shipping finance